I pick health: Have a plan to reach the goal step by step. The lawyer will not change his fitness?

I pick health Have a plan to reach the goal step by step

Keith Li is a lawyer and a heavy sports enthusiast. Fitness and exercise are his daily life. When it comes to sports, some people will say that there is no time, and some people will say that they are not mental. Keith said that he is also busy with work and only has 24 hours of daily use.

The habit of movement in each dynasty has been maintained for almost ten years.

The wrong way to lose weight is harmful to the body

Keith, a muscular man, started to work out in college. “At the time I was studying in a foreign country. Foreign boys usually had fitness habits and were much stronger than me. They said that I was fat all day long, and started listening to the gym if I heard too much.” In order to lose weight, I continued to force myself to exercise, I took weight-loss pills, and for a period of time quit other foods more completely. I only drank vegetable soup every day, which was all-out for weight loss. As a result, my pounds were reduced and my body was getting worse. Although there were no major illnesses, Ill constantly. “At some point, I found that I was not right, so I slowed down, and it took me a long time to learn the right health knowledge, and my body returned to normal.” He saw that many people were suffering from weight loss, and he felt the same.

I tried exhausting my way to lose weight and broke my body.

Constraints and motivation

After graduating from college and returning to Hong Kong, she worked as a lawyer and still exercises daily. Busy day and night, how does Keith maintain exercise habits in his busy schedule? “Get up at about 6:30 every day and finish working out before going to work.” Day after day, this pattern has not changed. Every time I return to the company after the exercise, I leave work at about 9 o’clock in the evening and go to bed after going home after dinner.

Why can’t weather change on weekends and Sundays and persist day after day? In addition to self-pursuit, he also believes that as long as he follows a well-planned plan, there will be results. “Whatever I do, I make a plan for myself, whether it’s reading or working out,” Keith said that he is not a very determined person. If there is no plan to restrain himself, it is easy to suspend or even give up. The plan points to an ultimate goal, and before the goal is reached, there are small projects halfway through. “Each small project achieved indicates a certain result. In addition to satisfaction, there is also a driving force that drives you to move forward.” Keith said if not in addition to planning, it is impossible to have the current results in fitness, and your life cannot be as successful as now.

He had suffered a serious foot injury and almost had to learn anew.

Keep up with plan to resume treatment

Doing everything you can to stay healthy doesn’t mean everything goes well. Keith accidentally broke his foot last year and needs to be hospitalized for more than a month. After receiving different treatments every day, Keith said that he will almost have to re-learn the way, and the results of the exercises have been put to use. Is it very uncomfortable in his heart? “I’m not too sad. Besides focusing on treatment, I try to keep my mood as smooth as possible, hoping that my body will recover as soon as possible.” Keith said that he didn’t pretend to be unconscious, but just believed in the rehabilitation plan set up, and the body did slowly recover. “Re-exercise, re-exercise! When it is a challenge.”

Career is important, but life is just as important.

Career Sprint and Life

Chatting with Keith, he kept mentioning the word “plan” because it was a recipe for making his life smooth. Nearly 30 years old, it is the time for career sprint. Seeing many colleagues and friends around him, in order to fight for the success of his career, he has to endure more nights. “Everyone will have to work late, but I will find a balance and not push too hard.” In this generation, people can live longer than before, so he thinks that he should not overdraw himself. You can really enjoy the results. Career or money is important, but if you don’t have a good body, everything is worth the money. Keith often encourages friends and family around him to do more sports and does not regret his views on health. He often accepts interviews and shares his fitness experience on the Internet because he understands that a healthy life not only brings him a muscle but also makes Him felt more comfortable living.

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Health needs to be established daily

Health is not available overnight. Work-life balance should not just be a slogan but should be truly integrated into life. Like Keith, you can set up a health plan for your body and ensure it. Naturally, you can make the most out of your spare time. The right choice.

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