Motivational stories for young women!

Motivational stories for young women!

Motivational stories for young women! 40-year-old Taiwanese mother cuts from L code to S code by “persistence”

Women will start to become lazy in all aspects when they reach middle age, especially if their figure is neglected, they will lose their shape, so if they maintain the best posture, they must wake up twelve minutes all the time. However, it’s never too late to learn about fitness. Although Taiwan ’s “local mother” Ellie is 40 years old this year, as long as she has perseverance and patience, she can overcome everything and become a perfect figure that she hates. Our inspirational story!

After getting married and having children, Ellie is no different from many young mothers. She only cares about housework, takes care of children, and doesn’t like sports. She has a big body and is surprised that she can only buy clothes in size L. Since then, she has determined to change herself. Through diet menus, exercise and fitness, she has become more and more healthy, and her figure has become slimmer. Not only does she have the enviable 11-character abs, but also Trained to her own proudest little buttocks, and judged two before and after fitness.

Ellie currently exercises three days a week for 40 to 60 minutes each.

Ellie is now more confident. She has also set up a page called “Local Mom Fitness Notes Ellie” on Facebook to share her fitness experience. The film teaches everyone to do exercises such as squats, leg lifts, and tablet support to train muscles. You can see them soon. To effect. She stated that dieting is definitely a manifestation of self-abuse: “I used to be very strict with myself. For the first time, I used the wrong method to lose weight in the pain of dieting. This is self-abuse, not self-love. I did not take care of my physical needs; I began to learn the concepts of “in” and “out” for the second time. I felt that I had caught the knack and repeatedly gave up and started in life. Self-discipline is indeed the key to achieving the goal! Persistence is the fuel for moving forward. “

She filmed to teach everyone to do squats, leg raises, flat support and other exercises to train muscles.

She also said that focusing on body training at home is more effective than the gym: “I just started to exercise and I did not use anything in the gym. I had to run a treadmill to set up a song list and run all the time. Some concepts of muscle gain have only started different training, increasing group, decreasing group, progressive. At that time, I insisted on more than half a year, running three kilometers a day, plus half an hour of mechanical retraining, it has not changed for a long time, I continued to do it and accidentally noticed that the waistline and hip line slowly emerged. Later, I did not have time to go to the gym. I carried out weight-bearing or squat training at home. I feel that my body has evolved a bit! “She encouraged everyone to insist:” Let exercise become a habit, let sourness become daily (it will not be so sour), don’t be too anxious to see results, when it starts to change, you will be pleasantly surprised!”