How Tea Samplers serve to be the best gift for your loved ones

Gifting your loved ones is a way of letting them know how much you care about them. Gifts hold a significant value ancan make the one receiving them remember you every time they see their gift. 

This only holds if the gift you present them with is sensible and they like it. You can never go wrong with gifting your loved ones tea samplers. These are a great way to introduce them to the vast world of tea. As a tea enthusiast, I have gifted tea samplers to more than one friend, and they loved them.

What are Tea Samplers?

Tea Samplers are a collection of different types of tea bags, tea sachets, or loose-leaf tea arranged separately in a single box. Just like some of the most luxurious chocolate boxes have different kinds of chocolates arranged in them, these tea samplers have several different teas placed in them. Tea samplers are a great way to introduce anyone to different types of teas. 

If you are planning to buy tea samplers as a gift, you need to explore iTeaWorld’s collection. They offer the best tea samplers and have the best collection of Chinese tea and other loose-leaf teas.

Tea Samplers vs Tea Bags

Loose-leaf tea is way more sophisticated and aesthetic than simple tea bags. While tea bags have the tea leaves crushed and processed inside, loose-leaf teas have loose leaves, which means that whole leaves are intact and are dried and aged with perfection. Preserving these leaves saves the oil present in the leaf, which provides a deeper taste, scent, and aroma to the tea.

 Loose-leaf tea is also more expensive than teabags, which shows its superiority. Also, the primary purpose of gifting your loved one with tea samplers is to get the recipient to know about different tea varieties and tastes, which can be best provided by only loose-leaf tea. Hence, Gifting loose-leaf tea samplers to your loved ones shows them that you care more about them. 

Tea Samplers Varieties

Tea samplers come in different varieties. These varieties contain teas that are from different tea families. Some of the basic varieties present in tea samplers are:

  • Green Tea Sampler
  • Black Tea Sampler
  • Herbal Tea Sampler

All of these varieties consist only of tea from the said main family. The green tea samplers may include Long Jing, Gunpowder, Bancha, Gyokuro, and Sencha. The black tea samplers may include Darjeeling, Assam, Earl Grey, Lapsang Souchong, Ceylon, and Keemun. The herbal tea sampler may consist of Ginger tea, Peppermint tea, Chamomile tea, Hibiscus tea, Sage tea, and Rooibos tea. 

All these collections are available at iTeaWorld online store. Their best oolong tea is loved by people worldwide, and its taste will surprise you. After just one try, you will add this magical tea to your daily routine.

In addition to these basic teas, there are also some premium tea samplers. They mostly contain the types of teas present in loose-leaf tea forms, providing a better overall experience. 

Gifts that Go Along with Tea Samplers

Here are some gifts you can give in addition to a tea sampler to make a whole package for people you hold dear. These are:

  • Scented Candles 

With their soothing aroma, these candles will help you alleviate the tea time experience.

  • Tea Kettle 

What more can one ask for? In addition to the great tea samplers, you are providing them with a kettle to make their tea.

  • Chocolates 

Chocolates go well with any gift because everyone loves this delicacy.

  • Tea-Time Snacks 

Gifting cookies to dip in the tea or eating the cookies while sipping your tea is a special feeling.

  • Tea Books 

Tea books are a great way to increase one’s tea knowledge. If the recipient of a tea sampler is into teas, then they will surely love this additional gift.

  • Customised Teacups 

Customized cups with a lovely picture of the recipient or a typography of their name printed on them will remind them about you whenever they drink tea in them.


It is established that tea samplers are a unique gift for your loved ones. In addition to providing the recipient with unique teas, tea samplers can strengthen their relationship with you. Remember to give them an extra gift from the list according to the recipient’s personality to make a lasting impression on them.