Signs of Water Damage: Early Warning Indicators

Among all other investments, your home is the most exposed one. That is why majority of homeowners perform every safety steps to protect their home. However, as a human, there are different events when you miss out on minor details, which may lead to serious issues. The most serious issue is water damage, which may do many things. This damage starts from a minor leak, which may cause your home to be damaged. 

So, to detect and prevent such damage, you have to invest in reliable Water Restoration Services Longview to ensure it is restored before further damage occurs. In our blog guide, we will highlight the signs of water damage to help you understand how to prevent such damage and pay attention to them. 

Top Most Critical and Early Warning Signs of Water Damage

Water damage is common in all homes, mainly during city winters. Many reasons, such as leaks, cracks, bursts, heavy storms, and poor drainage, may cause this issue. So homeowners should not ignore all such damages. With early identification of such signs, you may prevent the problem from spreading and save your cost. 

However, these are some signs that can help you to know about water damage before it gets worse. Read out the following critical and early warning signs for water damage to take restoration steps on time.

  • Water Stains: 

The main sign of water damage is water stains on walls, floors and ceilings. These stains may be yellow or brown, which is a sign of leaky pipes. 

  • Humidity and Dampness:

When you see that there is humidity and dampness in windows, wallpaper and wooden furniture. Then it means it is because of extra moisture in your area. 

  • Musty Smell:

When you notice that there is somehow a musty or bad smell in your home areas, mainly in crawl spaces and the basement. Then it is possibly due to water damage in your home which further cause mold and mildew growth. 

  • Mold Growth:

As we have discussed earlier that mold growth become the major sign of water damage. This mold appear as green and black patches on surfaces, walls and ceilings so not only this cause health issues but also affect structure. 

  • Dripping:

When you notice the noise of dripping water or water drops in your home then it is the sign of water damage. Leaks in faucets, pipes and other appliances may cause water damage.

  • Paint Damage:

When you notice signs of paint damage or flaking, it is possibly due to water damage to your home walls. This damage may occur in windows, doors and other poorly ventilated areas. So, addressing all such issues can prevent paint damage and other issues. 

  • Soft Walls: 

When you feel soft and spongy walls of home, it is due to water damage. As moisture in your home can affect the integrity of walls and make them soft. To overcome such issues, you need to do early repair. 

  • Respiratory Issues: 

We have discussed that mold and mildew growth become the sign of water damage which further cause allergies, asthma problem and other respiratory issues. If any of your family member notice these issues, make sure to address the water damage problem as soon as possible. 

Most Commonly Affected By Your Home

Don’t think it is enough to understand the early signs of water damage. However, some signs are not visible and are difficult to spot. So you must know that the following are some mostly affected areas of your home:


The kitchen is the main area where water runs all the time. There are many chances when the water supply line leaks and spills water if it is connected to the dishwasher. The larger sinks in the kitchen can drain more water. So, checking all such areas and identifying early leak signs may prevent water damage. 


Commonly, there are cracks in the basement, which become the cause of water damage. The rainwater goes through cracks in the foundation of the walls. To avoid such issues, early detection of cracks in the basement may protect floors and walls. 


Not only kitchen and basement, bathroom is also the main spot of water damage. There are many signs such as leak pipes, overflowing toilets and tubs. So spoting all such signs can help you prevent water damage. 

What are Preventive Measures You Can Do to Prevent Water Damage?

First, make sure to maintain your home to prevent water damage. To do so, you have many options, but the main thing is to check each area of your home, mainly the vulnerable areas. Never wait for the bad signs to be exposed, and be sure to take some necessary steps to prevent such signs. 

Your home is the place where you can live as well as share memories with each other. So you need to know the maintenance of the home and also understand indoor plumbing system. As plumbing system is the source of water so any leak in this system may cause damage. Also ensure to protect the exterior of the home such as gutter and roof. 

To prevent any water damage, regular inspection of the home is crucial. For this, you may either replace or repair the issue. Also, you may install the water sensor in the exposed parts of the home. You can even perform different safety steps to make sure your property is protected from water damage. 

It may seem easier to fix the water damage in your home. Unfortunately, there are many structural issues that you need to resolve. For this, you may call the repair and clean-up services to avoid water damage. 


Commonly homeowners don’t know how to prevent early signs of water damage and even they don’t worry about it at all so these become the serious issue. However if you want to preserve the beauty and integrity of your home then you need to be aware of signs of water damage. Doing so can help you to avoid stress and save time!