4 Tips for Staying Healthy Keeping in mind the “My Plate” rule

Good life

Living in Hong Kong, basically, everyone is busy day and night. Being busy may bring you a certain amount of money status, but it also brings you pains of different sizes, at any time. Nutritionist Li Xingyu (Annie) also has a heavy workload, but no matter how busy she is, she will take time to exercise, adhere to nutritional eating habits, and try to maintain a healthy life. People in modern cities lack good living habits, such as their diet preferences for meat and vegetables, and cell phone play before bedtime, which can easily lead to different health problems.

Playing mobile phones affects sleep quality

Annie pointed out that many urban people are in a sub-health state, which means that some small problems in the body do not necessarily require medical treatment, but they must be faced to make improvements, otherwise they may develop into major problems. The first problem is sleep. At present, everyone has a mobile phone and they often play mobile phones before going to bed. Blu-ray makes it difficult for everyone to fall asleep, lack of sleep or poor sleep quality, which may lead to decreased immunity and may even cause obesity. Speaking of obesity, Annie said that many urban people eat too much and do not know how to control it, which leads to central obesity. Apart from being unattractive, the big belly is also a sign of fatty liver or three highs. Be careful.

Don’t ignore pain

In addition, Annie has seen a lot of guests, and her body often has some minor pain. She reminds everyone that you must not ignore it. “Pain is actually inflammation of the body.” She said that if the blood sugar in the body is too high, there is a chance of inflammation. For example, sugar is added to drinks; white rice has a very high glycemic index, which causes blood sugar to rise continuously after eating, and high blood sugar may even form diabetes. Finally, there is constipation. Annie explains why women generally have more constipation problems than men. One of the reasons is that many women tend to choose foods with less oil when eating, and the large intestine does not get enough oil to lubricate, which naturally leads to constipation. On the other hand, men usually eat more greasy, relatively less constipation, but may cause obesity, so whether male or female, should not favour a certain type of food.

Annie pointed out that many urban people are in a sub-health state.

Eat more fruits and vegetables of different colours

I noticed the body sirens and wanted to adjust my lifestyle. Annie told you a few health tips. First, the diet should be balanced. Following the “My Plate” rule, half of each meal should be vegetables and fruits, while the remaining half can be fish and meat, and two-thirds can be grains. Secondly, try to avoid foods that contain saturated fats and trans fats, both of which will produce bad cholesterol and increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. It is also recommended that you eat more fruits and vegetables of different colours other than green, such as carrots containing carotene and tomatoes Contains lycopene, grapes contain anthocyanins, etc., to supplement different nutrients in many ways. Regarding exercise, because everyone’s physical conditions are different, not every exercise is suitable. She suggested that everyone consider walking 15 to 30 minutes after a meal. They can move their hands and feet, help digestion, and stabilize blood sugar. Most urbanites face a lot of stress, Annie said that it is commonplace to relax, exercise or find different preferences to relieve stress. In addition to this, diet can also affect stress. Spicy foods, coffee, and other stimulating foods will not relax the nervous system. It is recommended to avoid them as much as possible.

Eat more five-coloured vegetables to maintain balanced nutrition.

Finding different interests in life

Annie has three children, and spending time with them, or cooking a few dishes, is the best way to relax. Learn to keep your body and mind healthy, away from illness and pain. If you have perfect protection at the same time, you can truly take care of all aspects and enjoy life with peace of mind.

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