What are the Qualities of an Expert Writer?

What are the Qualities of an Expert Essay Writer

There are many qualities that an expert writer must inherit to be truly called an expert. Nowadays, most people just pose as phoney experts and charge unknowing clients and extraordinary high fee and do not even give professional services in return. These phonies parade around popular freelancing websites and often even have fake reviews given to them! So if you have ever been affected by a fake writer parading around as an expert then this is the article for you!

We will tell you exactly what the red flags are when you are in contract with an individual saying they are an expert writer. Keeping these flags in mind, you will also be able to single out the phonies from the genuine writers who are ready to provide you with stellar service! So keep reading to find out now!

Professionalism is a must have

In this day and age, an expert writer always has the quality of professional with them. By professionalism, we mean the way they deal and interact with you. When you contact them, it is a job opportunity for them, strictly speaking, it is a business interaction and there should be a maintained formal decorum at all times. The writer should provide you with a quote given the details you provide to them. Once this is done there should be no changing it, a professional will always aim to deliver on time and not delay the delivery at any cost. If they seem to be doing so, it is in your every right to not pay them for the work, even if they seem rude or keep changing the price as the day go by. Remember, once you are given a quote it cannot be changed unless you add on more work to it!

Charges Affordable Rates

Normally, what writing services do is that they hire a bunch of individual writers to work under them. This way they end up creating a team of writers that can work together and effectively on a variety of different material. It is also common practice for real experts to charge affordable prices for the work they do. These prices are normally in terms of per word or per hour of work time. It is normal to ask for higher pay if you, the client, adds on more work to do. But what is not normal is to ask for extremely high levels of pay right off the bat. Usually what fake experts do is they oversell their services and demand an outstanding fee based on their so-called qualifications. Do not fall for this trap, watch out for signs of persistence and annoyance if you decide to refuse or negotiate with them.

Keeps the Ethics Up

This one is extremely important, a real writer will never plagiarise work from any other source. Plagiarism is a horrible thing to do and is extremely frowned up, and not to mention illegal to do in many areas! A true expert respects the works of others and has proper references and citations in the work they submit to you. For your own safety, we suggest that you always ask for a plagiarism report from the writer you have contacted. Refusal to do so may arouse warranted suspicion, but you can also conduct this test yourself before paying them. Always double-check for plagiarism as it can harm you negatively if you decided to submit plagiarised content. Some universities even expel you on the basis of plagiarism!

Is Committed to the Task

A true and trusted expert writer is always committed to the task you give them. There is no dilly-dallying or any delaying when they have received the task. A real writer is always professional and will give you an estimated due date because they will be able to assess how long it will take them to finish the task. If you agree with their due date and think it is reasonable then the project is theirs! But once it is theirs they should never try and delay the submission. If they start giving you hints early on that there might be some delays, it might be best to pull the pull immediately!

Get Help from a Trusted Service!

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