How to Craft the Ideal Thesis Statement?

When getting ready to write an essay in your educational year, the most important thing on your mind should be what you are going to write about. Obviously, if you do not have a topic in mind then do you even have an essay to write about? So that’s the first step, get a topic to write about!

Now that you have a topic, the real essay writing starts. Before starting out any essay, it is of utmost importance that you have done thorough research about the topic at hand. If you are writing an argumentative essay then you should have all the evidence and counter-evidence you will need. Similarly, do the same for any other type of essay.

Once you are fully prepared to begin your essay, it is time to start thinking about the thesis statement.

What is a Thesis Statement?

We are sure you must have heard about a thesis statement a number of times. How they are so important and you cannot write an essay without one. But what is the purpose of a thesis statement? Students are often left confused and puzzled when asked to write one, even though, it may already be in their minds!

So what does it do? A thesis statement, tells the reader what your essay is going to be about. As the name implies, it is a statement so remember that, at most, it can only be one or two lines long. The thesis statement is usually made up of a subject and an opinion, this delivers to the audience what stance you will be assuming in the essay. Furthermore, it is helpful to note that words such as, “I believe or in my opinion,” are normally disregarded and not used in a thesis statement. You can remember that the next time your professor asks you to write one.

How do you write a Good Thesis Statement?

As we mentioned previously, there are a few things in mind that you need to keep when writing a thesis statement. Remember that it has to be ideally one line long. A few helpful tips to write an effective thesis statement are these:

  1. Be clear and concise. Being concise helps create a feeling of impact during the delivery of the thesis statement. Do not use unnecessary words, deliver your message clearly so the reader gets the idea.
  2. Remember that your topic about information only pertaining to your topic. If you are writing your thesis statement then make sure there is only one idea mentioned when you write it. Do not side-track and bring in another topic.
  3. Make sure your thesis statement is not vague. Do not imply something such as, ‘Could this happen if you do this?’ A thesis statement needs to be direct and declarative. Always make sure to keep it that way.

Now that you have your thesis statement ready to be written, what do you do next?

Write it down!

Thinking about doing something is not the same thing as actually doing it! That is why we heavily encourage you to write down your thesis statement yourself multiple times so you get a good idea of which one you like the best.  

Try different styles of writing when writing down multiple versions. More so, try doing them from different perspectives too, as this could give you a good insight into what way you want your thesis statement to be.

Evaluate your Thesis Statement!

Remember, once you have decided on which thesis statement you are going ahead with. It will be a good idea to evaluate it and then re-evaluate it. When you begin reconsidering your thesis statement, think about a few things which could help you improve the statement:

  1. Have you simply just restated the topic again or have you given an answer to it? You would want to normally provide an answer.
  2. Be careful not to insert any biases into your thesis statement. Even if you are arguing one side and promoting your side in the essay. Keep your thesis statement direct and unfilled with bias language.

Try to always keep your thesis statement straight forward, however. The purpose is to make your intentions clear to the reader, not cloud their thoughts some more.

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