Spinthewheel.pro Review: Spin The Wheel To Decide a Random Choice


Do you want to try the random TikTok trend or wanna play truth and dare with your friends? But you have no idea how to get random choices? 

Don’t you worry, we are here with a spin wheel that will give you random choices in just a click. 

So, let us tell you all about it below!

What Does Spinthewheel.pro do?

Spinthewheel.pro as its name suggests is a spin wheel tool that spins the wheel and selects the random choices. It is the best tool for games like Truth and Dare, trivia games, acting/singing challenges, etc. It can also be used for popular challenges like random makeup, outfits, and cooking challenges. 

How to Use Spinthewheel.pro?

Using the spin wheel tool is very easy. Just follow the steps given below:

  • Open the Spin Wheel:

Open the spinning wheel online by visiting spinthewheel.pro



  • Enter the Items name:

In the given dialogue box, enter your items. Make sure to put each item in a separate line or the tool will consider them one. You can put as many items as you like. 



  • Spin the Wheel:

Click on the “Spin” button to spin the wheel.



  • Get the Random Choice:

After random spinning, it will select a random choice. You spin the wheel multiple times to get as many random choices as you like. 



  • Check Results:

Go to the “Result” tab to see the list of all the random items selected by the tool. 




What are some Notable Features of Spinthewheel.pro?

There are various features of this simple yet effective spinning wheel. These features are listed below:

  • Multiple Item – The user is free to add as many items as he/she likes. 
  • One-click Results – The user can obtain a random selection by clicking the spin button once. 
  • Sound Effect – The user can on the sound effects option and get applause and hitting sound effects every time an item is randomly selected. 
  • Free of Cost – Spin the Wheel offers its random selection services for free. 
  • Availability – It operates on the cloud and is available online. You can access it from all parts of the world. 
  • No Signup – There is no signup required to use this tool. It can be used anonymously. 
  • Reset Feature – You can use the “reset” feature to enter new entries, it will delete the previous choices and let you start over again. 
  • Limitless Usage – you can use it as many times as you like, there is no usage limit. 

What are the Applications of Spinthewheel.pro?

It has many applications some of which are given below:

  • Truth and Dare Game – The Truth & Dare game requires a random selection of players, using Spin the Wheel Pro will make the selection easier and unbiased. 
  • Group Work –  Teachers at school can use it to randomly select the students for group projects. 
  • TikTok Challenges – TikTokers, YouTubers, and social media influencers can use it to do trendy challenges like random makeup challenges, trivia challenges, cooking challenges, etc. 
  • Random Group Games – Some group games require a random selection of one member from the group to perform something while the rest of the group guesses to win a point. This tool can help in the random and unbiased selection to avoid cheating. 


In a nutshell, spinthewheel.pro is an amazing random selection tool that allows users to make random selections easier and unbiased. This tool 100% makes random and unbiased selections and can be used for games, challenges, and other sorts of random selections. If you are looking for a random selection tool then, spinthewheel.pro is 100% recommended.

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