Stop pursuing “balance” blindly. The workman should be like Mr. Right

The workman should be like Mr. Right. The first condition: it loves you too.

The workman should be like Mr. Right

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Get up in the morning, brush your teeth and wash your face, go to work and work, work is over, the sun has set, and your “life” really begins? If “work” and “life” are separated from each other and divided equally between fifty-five, “Work-Life Balance” is simply heaven and earth.

“Work-Life Balance” cannot be achieved, and “harmonious” work and life are the goals we should pursue.

What is “harmonious” work and life?

Finding a balance between work and life and seeking harmony in work and life is very simple.

The former implies that you have to sacrifice your life for work, which is certainly unbearable. Who would be willing to sacrifice at least 8 hours a day? As for the latter, work is part of your life. This means that you can maintain a positive and happy mood at home or at work. Work is not necessarily considered negative or boring.

Take Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos as an example. He has his own working habits. He cooks breakfast with his family every day, does not adjust the alarm clock before going to bed, rarely has meetings, and always spends time washing his dishes every day. He firmly believes that his employees should not find a balance between work and life, because it means “working” for “life”. Therefore, he set an example for himself, and there are many different ways to “integrate” life and work.

However, this is, of course, the most ideal state, Jeff Bezos is the president and of course free. Generally, if the “wage earner” is not “the wrong medicine”, it is difficult to say things like “I love to go to work”, but at least they don’t hate their work, they have room to play, they don’t take work as their enemy, maybe your “Life” doesn’t imagine a difference.

To “coexist in harmony” with work, you must first find a job that “you love it, and it loves you”

The workplace is like a love scene. Employees who have treated grievances as normal are like a pair of complainers. When faced with unsuitable work, they just keep complaining but never want to change or leave. Constantly, reluctant to talk to each other.

To “harmonize with” your work, you must first find a job that “you love it, and it loves you.” You can’t just ask for treatment and do disgusting things. You can’t just ask for ideas. What you get is not proportional to what you pay, such as reasonable working hours and wages, and the respect of colleagues and supervisors. Work occupies most of our time. Of course, if we are doing things that we don’t like or don’t think it’s meaningful, then we will feel embarrassed.

The author has visited many entrepreneurial girls. Their job types, stories, and motivations may be different, but their “new job” has something in common. It is not necessarily easier than the previous job and the working hours are not necessarily shorter, but they are all Because I love my current job more, it is worthwhile to consciously work harder. Work is inseparable from their ideal life.

So, if you want to “harmoniously co-exist” with your work, maybe it’s like being in love, you should first find someone who agrees with you?