New Practice Portal for Children and Youth Participation

New Practice Portal for Children and Youth Participation

On the fourth day of education, on December 8, 2018, the German Children and Youth Foundation (DKJS) is going online with a new practice portal for child and youth participation. From now on, local actors and volunteers can find out at how they can involve young people in shaping their community. With the online portal, the DKJS wants to help rural communities effectively involve young people.

Child and youth participation in the countryside

What do rural communities need in order to become a child and youth-friendly? The DKJS Sachsen has been dealing with this question since 2009 – as part of the “Hoch Vom Sofa!” Programs. Youth is moving the municipality and democracy into the hands of children. The new practice portal for children and youth participation combines the diverse experiences and instruments from the three programs and makes them accessible to local actors, committed and interested parties nationwide. The online portal is aimed at local political actors such as local Councillors and mayors, employees from local government, but also at pedagogical specialists from kindergarten, after-school care, school and youth work as well as at volunteers and other interested parties.

Illustrative materials and concrete suggestions

In addition to clear practical examples, the online portal also offers useful materials and concrete ideas about child and youth participation in rural areas. How can I find out what the children and young people in my community want? What do I have to consider when planning investment projects? How do I find supporters? And how can I embed participation? A mix of reports, videos, interviews, explanatory texts, practical lists, and evaluation results provides a good overview of the project-oriented participation of children and young people and refers to further information and background texts. In addition to up-to-date information on the program group Strong in the Land, users will also find answers to frequently asked questions on a topic – for example about forms of participation,

The Practice Portal Continues to Grow

The experiences and insights of all Stark in the Land communities will be published continuously on from now on. Suggested topics, suggestions, and suggestions are welcome. Also in the social networks, we are pleased about reactions under the hashtag #starkimland.