10 Best Online Homeschool Curriculum PICKS 2024

In the wake of recent years marked by the global pandemic and consequent school closures, many parents found themselves navigating the uncharted territory of alternative education for their children. Homeschooling has emerged as a prominent and increasingly popular choice among these alternatives. With the surge in technological advancements and the growing accessibility of resources tailored for homeschooling, an optimistic perspective is evolving, suggesting that homeschooling could potentially shape the future

landscape of education

Reflecting on my own journey as a second-generation homeschooler, I’ve had the unique opportunity to compare and contrast my traditional school experience with my homeschooling journey.Personally, I found the latter to be a far more preferable avenue for learning.As a mother currently engaged in the homeschooling journey with my two children, I harbor a strong sense of confidence that this method cultivates not only critical and creative thinking but also nurtures qualities such as self-discipline and independence—attributes that seem increasingly rare in today’s educational landscape.But what drives the consistent 2-8% annual increase in homeschooling? Let’s explore a series of amicable reasons behind this growing trend:

  1. Control Over Children’s Education

Homeschooling extends a unique level of control to parents

across various dimensions – spiritual, moral, social, educational, or physical.The ability to tailor the curriculum to precisely match a child’s individual needs and interests fosters an environment that is more relaxed and less stressful, catering to a diverse range of learners.You can also tailor the curriculum to match a parent’s preferred teaching or homeschooling method:

  • Classical – uses the grammar, logic, and rhetoric phases of classical education to teach deep critical thinking and create a well-spoken person.
  • Charlotte Mason – has classical elements, but also more educational storybooks are used to teach. Focus on handicrafts, nature study, and good habit training.
  • Traditional – uses blended learning or how schools often teach but from home. Many online programs are like this.
  • Unit Studies – allows you to teach multiple children at once using a family-style homeschool curriculum.

There are also other homeschool methods.

  1. More Flexibility for Working Parents

One of the standout advantages of homeschooling is the unparalleled flexibility it affords parents in terms of scheduling and location.Whether opting for full-time or part-time homeschooling, the ability to seamlessly integrate it into a family’s work schedule, along with the availability of online homeschool programs.

Some of these programs are:

  • BJU Press
  •     Acellus Academy
  • Abeka academy
  • Veritas Press Online

These are also all accredited homeschool curriculum.

  1. More One-On-One Learning Time

A distinctive benefit of homeschooling is the increased availability of one-on-one learning time.This personalized attention by [usually] parents not only deepens a child’s understanding of academic material but also fosters

Stronger bonds between parents and children.

For example, when my parents homeschooled me, my parents were my best friends, along with my brothers. I used to tell my dad all my romantic secrets and run my potential boyfriends past him for approval!This creates an environment that’s better for learning and accomplishing educational goals collaboratively.

  1. Greater Customization of Curriculum

In stark contrast to traditional schools, homeschooling empowers parents to customize their child’s education fully.If a child is gifted, you can use a more advanced curriculum like Beast Academy (for math).Or if they have Autism Spectrum Disorder, you could go for something suitable there too.This level of adaptability is a key factor in capturing a child’s interests and ensuring an education that is both captivating and tailored to individual learning styles.

  1. Pacing Advantages

If you go to school, you need to learn the same material as everyone else at the same pace, whether you feel you can go faster or need to go slower.In contrast, homeschooling stands out for its flexibility regarding scheduling and routines.

Children can learn with self-paced homeschool curriculum

programs through mastery-based learning, making it an ideal choice for families with demanding schedules or children engaged in extracurricular activities.

  1. Appealing to Kids’ Interests

The beauty of homeschooling lies in its ability to be tailored to a child’s unique interests and passions, often referred to as interest-based learning.For instance, if your child is interested in studying dinosaurs, you can find a dinosaur homeschool curriculum. Or, to make it easier, you can go on YouTube and search for a video on it.Or you can just listen to books from a quality homeschool booklist like this one (many of these titles can be found on YouTube and read for free!)Whether it’s history, science, or, in my case, Latin, homeschooling allows for a more immersive exploration of these interests, fostering a genuine love for learning.

  1. Teach Your Faith

For many families, the ability to put Jesus into their children’s education is a significant draw of homeschooling.Unlike conventional schools, where the curriculum may be secular or aligned with a particular religious tradition, homeschooling allows for a more tailored approach that reflects the family’s beliefs and values.As a parent, I can model what it looks like to continually love those around me – even if they’re mean or unloving to me. I can show my children how to love others and make the world a better place.For us, Jesus is our bedrock and our guiding compass to anchor us to objective (not subjective) morality.In our home, we use a Christian homeschool curriculum to help us teach our kids gospel-centered living.

Being Realistic Before Starting Homeschooling

While the homeschooling journey is undoubtedly accompanied by challenges and concerns, it is

crucial to approach it with realistic expectations.

The specter of homeschool socialization concerns and skepticism from others looms, but research has consistently shown that

homeschooled children often outperform their traditionally-schooled peers

on standardized tests.Acknowledging that every family has the right to choose the educational path that works best for them, homeschooling, with dedication, hard work, and the right resources, emerges as a fulfilling and successful option for many.For those considering venturing into homeschooling, I enthusiastically recommend exploring my comprehensive Homeschool Parenting Program, specially designed to

guide new homeschooling parents in creating a happy, fun, and successful homeschool experience.


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