Modern marketing of hair growth secrets

  • would have you believe that the key to doubling your hair length is to take a magic pill or slather on endless hair care products. But the truth is that a healthy scalp is the only thing that can lay the foundation for adequate and permanent hair growth.
  • Here are eight doctor-recommended hair growth tips for longer hair. A quick chat with the experts confirms that developing hair in a short amount of time requires a joint effort between what you put on your hair and your plate.
  • We asked Dr. Madhuri Agarwal, a dermatologist in Mumbai, and Rod Anker, owner of Rod Anker Salons, to share their favorite hair growth tips, including all the dos and don’ts to grow your hair and prevent excessive hair growth breakage and shedding. from the hair that grows back. Also, before you ask, no, it doesn’t involve brushing your hair several times before hitting the hay around evening time.

What affects hair growth?

The hair growth cycle has four phases. The development phase, otherwise called anagen, is followed by the breakdown phase or catagen. Then at that moment comes the resting phase or telogen, regrowth finally begins, Our hair grows an average of half an inch each month, and our scalp typically has over one million hair follicles.

8 Hair Growth Tips To Observe Now

While there are currently no miracle workers that will allow you to wake up with a mane separating from Rapunzel, special measures can be taken to promote hair development. In the following section, we list everything you can do to make your hair grow in the right direction.

1Give your hair what it needs to grow:

A healthy, well-balanced diet encourages hair follicles to enter the anagen phase, which increases growth.” Ensure you supplement nutrition with practice and a standard rest design,” says Dr. Agarwal.

2) Don’t hold back on the cleanser and conditioner

Repeated washing week after week doesn’t completely fix the condition of the scalp. If it gets oily and sweaty, wash it every day with a mild shampoo.” For dry scalps, washing twice a week is enough to protect the regular lubrication and avoid irritation. Under normal circumstances, shampooing your hair three times a week is considered sufficient.’

3) Adjust your daily regimen according to your hair type Dr. Agarwal says, “It’s essential to choose the.

Right shampoo for your particular hair type.” A clarifying shampoo can help if you have oily hair. Choose a saturating or hydrating cleanser for a dry scalp, while fine hair requires a gentle cleanser,” she says. The Mumbai dermatologist also recommends choosing a conditioner based on your hair type. For dry, wavy hair, you can use a hydrating or deep conditioning veil conditioner and a gentle a mousse or light conditioner works best for straight hair,” she advises.

4) Add nutrients to your diet that are essential for hair growth “An optimal intake of nutrients can.

further aid the hair growth process,” says Dr. Agarwal. Cell enhancement kills free radicals and provides cells with a poison-free climate to flourish. Hair structure is supported by magnesium, selenium, iron, calcium, amino acids and iron. In addition, coenzymes and vitamins A, C and D are useful for promoting growth, he adds.

5) Don’t disrupt your hair cutting schedule

As you continued to search for faster development, Anker would like you to avoid normal fantasies.  Hair care, even if you try to develop it, basically keeps up with the well-being of the hair by eliminating split ends. If it happens to develop 1 every month, 25 cm and cut 0.5 cm, you will actually get a similar length and keep up with the honesty of the hair,” makes sense. The standard management is uncontroversial in its rules.

6) Avoid over-styling Anker also strongly advises against over-styling, especially when using heated.

appliances. Dr Agarwal echoes that sentiment, adding: “Make sure you blow-dry your hair until it’s virtually dry, and run the dryer in one uniform downstroke to reduce frizz. To achieve a puffy look, you can only blow-dry your hair. avoid with the hair shaft and ends. Hair straightening and rebonding treatments can also cause breakage and frizz. You may prefer to have a keratin treatment with a trained hair specialist for a prepped look.”

7) Do not succumb to legends and gossip

“We’ve all heard that frequent brushing makes hair better, when in fact the opposite is true. When you brush or brush often in a day, contact occurs, which leads to more fuzz and possible breakage. Brushing your hair several times a day is enough, it starts from the ends and bit by bit moves towards the roots,” he says.

8) Watch your tendency to wash your hair

Sweat build-up on your scalp can actually lead to hair loss. Make sure you use a complimentary cleanser for ideal results,” says Anker. Agarwal adds, “Use lukewarm water instead, as extremely hot water can damage hair, leaving it dry and lifeless.” Additionally, you should not shampoo your hair twice before conditioning, as this strips it of its natural oils and slows down hair growth.